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Merlin Cummins – Piano

Merlin was born in Sligo and studied piano from the age of four under the tutelage of his grandmother Kathleen O’Hara and his mother Lucie O’Hara.

He is a past student of the academy, having studied violin with Niamh Crowley from the age of seven, and was a member of the academy’s orchestra’s during his time there. He studied piano at the academy under Brendan Finan, and has also been taught by Sligo pianist Kieran Quinn.

Merlin went on to study music performance and teaching at Dundalk IT and Griffith College, Dublin. In 2011 he was awarded a Level 8 Certificate in Music Teaching from Griffith College, and has been teaching at the academy since then.

Merlin is a classically trained pianist but also has a keen interest in rock, pop, blues and soul music, and is a member of local Sligo band Dead Money.