Students must enrol prior to commencing lessons each year.

Application forms will be emailed to existing students with their Easter invoices. New students may apply to the office for application forms or alternatively download from the Documents page on the Website. Priority of place allocation will be given according to the date the enrolment form is received.


All fees are due in advance and must be paid by the third week of term. Failure to pay fees in good time may result in forfeiture of place. Fees will not be refunded if a student cancels lessons during the term. Fees may be paid directly to the office or in the school during the first week of each term.


SAM prepares students for the practical and theory exams of the Royal Irish Academy of Music and ABRSM. There are three exams sessions per year and students are entered at the discretion of their teacher. Exam fees must be paid on time. Failure to pay the fees by the closing date (advertised on the school notice board and website) means students will not be entered for the exam. Exam fees are non-refundable.

Instrument Bank

SAM instrument bank provides instruments for rental to students. For information please contact the office.

Missed classes and punctuality

If students are unable to attend their lesson in person, they can request the lesson to be given online at their scheduled time. Parents and Guardians are asked to inform the tutors as soon as possible if students are able to attend. Tutors are not obliged to reschedule lessons missed by students or give extra time to absent or late students. If a tutor is unable to attend a lesson a deputy tutor may be appointed – if none is available the class will be made up at a mutually convenient time or the fee credited.

Force Majeure 

In the event of circumstances beyond our control for example school closures as a result of a government directive, students will be entitled to a 50% credit for the missed lesson.


The Administrator must be notified of withdrawal of a student from lessons. Adjustments to invoices or refunds can only be made after the date of this formal notification.


Students are required to respect school property and the building at all times. Please behave in a quiet and orderly manner both in the school and school grounds. Students must co-operate fully with teachers to ensure a good learning environment. Repetition of unruly behavior will be dealt with by the Director and can result in discontinuation of classes.


The school is open Tuesday – Saturday inclusive. The office is open Monday-Friday from 9.30am to 3.30pm. Students and parents should regularly check the school notice board,website and facebook for general information and details of exam fees, closing dates and school events.

General enquiries will be dealt with immediately, where possible, during office hours. Outside office hours please ring and leave a message: 087-6847792 or email: info@sligoacademyofmusic.ie

Note: Photographs

From time to time photographs and/or video may be taken of students for publicity purposes. Unless otherwise stated, submission of signed enrolment forms will be regarded as permission for use.

Covid-19 Procedures:

We have recommenced with our face to face classes and will be continuing to review this in accordance with government guidelines. The online classes are still an option for any students who would prefer. As you will appreciate this is a fluid situation and SAM will continue to communicate our response to any new guidelines as necessary.

If a student displays any symptoms prior to their instrumental lesson please do not attend the class at the Academy. Contact your teacher and they will provide your lesson online at the scheduled lesson time. If you are unsure as to whether your child should attend or not, please err on the side of caution.

Child Safeguarding Policy

SAM is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all the students and tutors involved in the academy. The Designated Liason Person is Niamh Crowley 087-6847792 and Deputy Liason Person is Helen Mulligan 087-6847792. Our full Child Safeguarding Policy is available under Documents.

Sligo Academy of Music Code of Conduct

By participating in classes at the Sligo Academy of Music it is assumed that the parents/students have read and agreed with the following policy.

Parents/Guardians will:

–          Remember that children and young people learn music for their enjoyment.

–          Ensure that their children undertake the weekly practise as advised by the instrumental tutor and complete the weekly theory homework set by the theory tutor.

–          Understand that entry for a formal RIAM examination is the decision of the instrumental/theory tutor and is at the tutor’s discretion.

–          Understand that the tutors at the Sligo Academy of Music are only responsible for students in the classroom for the duration of the lesson.

–          Refer any timetabling issues to the administration office.

–          Ensure that students attend their lessons on time. The tutor is not obliged to wait more than 10 minutes for a student.

–          Inform the tutor if their children will not be attending a lesson.

–          Ensure that students are collected from the lesson on time.

–          Not interrupt the tutor during another student’s lesson or a class lesson.

–          Adhere to the Sligo Academy of Music Missed Lessons Policy.


Tutors will:


–          Provide a broad and balanced musical education. We will help the student make the most of their musical education whatever their ability.

–          Treat every student equally.

–          Encourage and support students to reach their musical potential.

–          Keep parents and guardians informed about exams, concerts and any other events relevant to the students involved.

–          Provide a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment.

–          Aim to give every student a positive and enjoyable experience at the Sligo Academy of Music.

–          Enter students for exams when they are prepared and at the level of ability required for the exam.

–          Refer any timetabling issues to the administration office.

–          Be available to talk to you about your children’s progress during their lesson time.

–          Listen and act upon your concerns.

–          Adhere to the Sligo Academy of Music Missed Lessons Policy.


Students will:

  • Treat each other and all members of staff with courtesy, respect and dignity;
  • Treat each other equally and as individuals;
  • Listen to and respect each other;
  • Respect each other’s personal space;
  • Respect differences of ability, culture, religion, race and sexual orientation;
  • Be aware of any special needs people may have;
  • Have fun and enjoy a positive, inclusive atmosphere;
  • Be aware that bullying will not be accepted or tolerated;
  • Not engage in rough play;
  • Not use inappropriate language;
  • Not purchase or consume alcohol, illegal drugs or smoke while participating in SAM activities, in keeping with civil law;
  • Respect the fact that staff and volunteers will not work alone or spend time alone with one young person except in specified circumstances;
  • Make sure the office or tutor knows if they cannot attend an activity or will be late for any reason;
  • Be aware of the boundaries of the property where activities take place and not leave them without permission.
  • Not take medicines or drugs other than prescribed medications and / or over-the-counter remedies with the approval of parents for under-18s.

We ask that all participants treat others as they would wish to be treated themselves.


Orchestra Policy:


–          Orchestra members are expected to attend all orchestral rehearsals on time including sectionals.

–          Parents/Guardians are requested to inform the office in advance if their children cannot attend an orchestral rehearsal.

–          The orchestral desk plan is set by the musical director and tutors and takes many factors asides from ability into account eg. attendance, reliability, age, previous seating positions and friendships. The tutors’ decision is final.

–          Students are required to bring a pencil, rubber, stand and music to every rehearsal.

–          Students/parents are required to help with set up and clear up at rehearsals and concerts as requested.

–          The use of mobile phones by students is not permitted during rehearsal.