Directors: Stan Burns & Con Schmaucks

The SAM Jazz Orchestra was formed in 2013 essentially as a training ground for young musicians to develop their skills through the performance of big band music.
Since then the orchestra has grown in numbers and popularity and have performed at many SAM events most notably the Annual Christmas Spectacular and Spring Gala Concert. They have also played regularly at many prestigious events in Sligo including The Sligo International Choral Festival, IMA at The Model and Niland Gallery,  Mayor’s Ball and Sligo Food Trail.
Playing a wide range of big band classics the orchestra shared the stage and received huge acclaim from some of the world top jazz musicians at The Sligo Jazz Festival, notably Mike Nielsen, Matthew Halpin, Linley Hamilton, Adam Nussbaum, Mike Walker Steve Rodby and many more.
Also in 2016 the Jazz Orchestra was awarded the silver medal at the prestigious Young Bohemia Festival in Prague, their first overseas performance. They have performed in Galway at The Coole Music Youth Orchestra Festival and The Bia Lover Festival of Food. This group of young musicians continue to meet new musical challenges with enthusiasm and always a sense of fun.

The Orchestra have raised thousands of euros in the last 5 years for Sligo based charities including the North West Hospice.
Anything is possible with this band!

Some Links to the Jazz Orchestra Performances 

Take The A Train –

Sing Sing Sing –

Weekly Rehearsal times:

Jazz Orchestra: Saturday 12.30pm-13.30pm.

Young Jazz All Stars: Saturday 9.30am-10.30am