Theory classes are compulsory and are held on Friday and Saturday from beginners up to advanced level. Classes follow the Royal Irish Academy of Music ‘Music Workout’ Syllabus from Preparatory level to Grade 8.We also run a Pre-preparatory class for Junior Infant level children as an introduction to written music. Please see below or check SAM notice board for times and teachers.

Class Timetable

Grade Teacher Room Times
Preparatory (Blue Book) Shaza 208 Fri 5.30pm
  Niamh McK 214 Sat 10.30am/12pm/2pm
1 (Pink Book) Shaza 208  Fri 5.30pm
  Shaza 208 Sat 10.30am/12pm
  Niamh McK 214 Sat 2pm
 2 (Green Book) Anna 118 Fri 4pm
  Anna 118 Sat 10.30am/2pm
  Megan 209 Sat 12pm
 3 (Orange Book) Anna 118 Fri 4pm
  Jonathan 307 Sat 10.30am/12pm
   Anna  118  Sat 2pm
 4 (Purple Book)  Nickie  100  Fri 4.30pm
   Emer  313  Sat 10.30am/2pm
   Lorraine  201  Sat 12pm
 5 (Brown Book)  Nickie  100  Fri 4.30pm
   Lorraine  201  Sat 10.30am/12pm
   Emer  313  Sat 2pm
 6 (Dark Green Book)  Nickie  100  Fri 5pm/Sat 12pm
 7 (Red Book)  Nickie  100  Fri 5.30pm/Sat 1.30pm
 8 (Grey Book)/Senior  Nickie  100  Fri 5.30pm/Sat2pm