SAM provides courses for students wishing to study music for the state Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations. Admission is through consultation with the course tutors as places are limited.

The Leaving Certificate course for current 6th year students is on a Saturday from 11am-12pm and for 5th year students is from 2.30-3.30pm.


The Junior Certificate course is on Saturday from 10am-11am.

Due to the recent changes in the Department of Education Junior Certificate course, Nickie has developed a new musicianship course for Junior Certificate level students covering much more detail than the old course. The course will cover the following:


* composing in melody and bass clef

* harmony using chords

* scales, keys and modulations

* Italian terms, signs, symbols and abbreviations

* compositional devices

* cadences and how to recognize them

* timbre and texture in music

* voices, choral music and opera

* instruments and the development of orchestral music

* Irish music

* popular music, musicals and film music.


The course will be delivered with weekly Oral and Composition assignments and is a completely comprehensive foundation for the Leaving Cert Music course.